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My Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies: #2 – The Star Wars Trilogy

#2 – The Star Wars Trilogy (1977 – 1983)

So this one is a no brainer. Does it even require an explanation? Probably not, but I’m gonna tell you anyway!

So I first saw Star Wars back when you actually had to go to the movie store to rent the VHS tapes. Scary.

I rented the first one, loved it. The next weekend I rented Empire Strikes Back. Of course, I immediately needed to see Return of the Jedi. But when I went back to the store, it was checked out!

Never have I been so distraught at the absence of a movie on the shelf. I had to wait a whole entire week before I could find out what happened to Han Solo after he was encased in Carbonite.

But then again, thats not so bad. Those who saw the movies when they first came out had to wait 3 years to find out what happened to their heroes. But in a small way, I felt their pain.

Of course the Star Wars Trilogy lives on as one of the greatest sci-fi epics of all time. Even though the new trilogy tarnished its image, no one can dispute the epic awesomeness of the original trilogy.

“That’s no moon. It’s a space station.”

Full List:

#10 – The Terminator (1984)

#9 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

#8 – The Fifth Element (1997)

#7 – Aliens (1986)

#6 – Blade Runner (1982)

#5 – E.T. (1982)

#4 – Jurassic Park (1993)

#3 – V for Vendetta (2005)

#2 – Star Wars Trilogy (1977 – 1983)

#1 – Back to the Future (1985)

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