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Hummingbirds in Slo-Mo and HD! OMG!

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I know, I’ve been slacking this weekend. Why?

Well it was Alison’s birthday on Friday. So I did the boyfriend thing and took her out for a nice sushi dinner etc. She has the full details of the evening on her blog, so feel free to read them here.

Also, I just bought StarCraft II.

I been waiting for this for all of the 15 years Blizzard has been keeping us all in suspense (its awesome too, btw). So that ate up most of my weekend.

So I’ll be back in full form this week. But to get you started, here’s a video I came across on the weekend.

Its some pretty remarkable footage of hummingbirds which I read about on Mental_Floss. The footage is from a Nature documentary which aired on PBS.

I’ve always found hummingbirds really interesting; being able to hover in mid-air and then dash away like a UFO is pretty sweet.

(Protip: You can watch the video in HD on YouTube.)

The parts I find really interesting are the “flower-view” of the hummingbird eating, as well as when it catches an insect in mid-air in a fraction of a second. Seeing a hummingbird as a predator is something I never could have imagined.

So I hope you enjoy this, my brief foray into blogging about Ornithology. Birds have never been my main interest, but c’mon,  hummingbirds in slow motion? Awesome!