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Princess Leia’s Gold Bikini: Hotness of an Epically Nerdy Magnitude

August 19, 2010 1 comment

So I’m not sure how I read about or ran across this website, but the awesomeness was just too much. I simply HAD to share it with all of you.

Now, recently I named the Star Wars Trilogy as #2 on my top 10 favourite sci-fi movies. And what I didn’t put in my explanation (I assumed it was understood) was that one of the reasons I loved Return of the Jedi was *drumroll* Princess Leia’s gold bikini.

Now I saw Return of the Jedi when I was just a young lad. It is quite possible that seeing this scene was the turning point in my thinking girls have cooties, to thinking they are beautiful.

Thanks Star Wars!

And it seems there is a website entirely dedicated to the gold bikini, and they even sell replicas.

Now, the full costume will run you over $450, but if you have a girlfriend willing to wear it, seems it could be a small price to pay :)

Oh, and in less important news,the Star Wars trilogies will be released on Blu-Ray next year. Sweeeet.

Climate Change Never Looked So Sexy…

July 9, 2010 1 comment

In similar fashion to my X-Rated X-Rays post, science has started to use sex to get its point across.

A northern Canadian magazine (yes, Canada has magazines. Even NORTHERN Canada has magazines) called Up Here has just released a swimsuit issue designed to raise awareness of climate change.

The magazine features some Canadian hotties (yes those exist too…) posing in front of some endangered arctic landscapes.

I like this idea. Some people claim it is sexist, and even suggest that they should also release a calendar featuring scantily clad guys to be fair.

I don’t completely agree with this. I think you’ll get more attention with girls in swimsuits than with guys in swimsuits. And even the models say they are happy with the issue since the photos were tastefully done, and the magazine is already garnering some attention to the issue of climate change.

Some people think that science shouldn’t need stunts like this. I completely agree with that sentiment, but this is the real world. People are bored with science. But girls in bikinis? Everyone can get on board with that.

Last week I went on a big rant about vaccines and the supposed link with autism to my girlfriend. I was frustrated that good information was being passed over for statements by Jenny McCarthy. My girlfriends advice? “Science should get some better PR people.”

She has a diploma in PR, and I think she is right. Science needs to start making some front page news, and I think this is a step in the right direction

X-Rated X-Rays

June 22, 2010 4 comments

Just when you think you’ve seen everything.

This came across my attention whilst reading one of my favourite blogs, Bad Astronomy. It seems a company which makes displays for medical devices called EIZO, got the memo that “Sex Sells”, and jumped on the bandwagon. They hired an advertising agency called Butter, based in Germany, and Butter came up with an x-ray pin-up calendar. Awesome.

I dunno. I realize its an x-ray, and you really can’t see anything. But I think these are kinda sexy.

It’s the lingerie prinicple I suppose. Keeping something hidden is sometimes even sexier than being totally revealed.

So this is a science blog after all, and if you are interested at all in how X-rays work, here is a brief and simple description (and heres a link to another explanation on How Stuff Works).

X- ray images are made in a similar fashion as to a regular photograph on film. Only in the case of x-ray images, it is photons in the x-ray range of the electromagnetic spectrum (about 0.1 to 10 nanometers) rather than visible light photons (wavelengths in the 400-750 nanometer range) which make the image.

When x-ray photons pass through the body, they will interact with the various tissues. Bones are very good at absorbing x-ray photons, thus not many x-rays make it through to expose the film, making bones appear light on the resulting image. Tissues with a lower density, such as muscle and fat, will allow the x-rays to pass through, and appear dark on the image.

Thats it in a nutshell. But at the end of the day, x-rays are just freakin’ cool.

[Update: If you would like more information on how x-rays work, I have written a new post about it here. Check it out!]