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My Adventures at the Calgary Comic Expo

June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Despite being a lifetime nerd, I have never been to a sci-fi or comic book convention!

I know, I know. The lack of nerd cred on my part is somewhat disheartening.

But don’t worry, because my Comic expo virginity has now been taken by the Calgary Comic Expo.

I had a really great time. I got to meet some great people, saw some live StarCraft action, and even got a chance to hear William Shatner speak and take some questions from the audience.

What blew me away most though were the costumes. The amount of work that must go into some of them was astounding. Here are a few samples:

Wolverine and...someone I recognize but can't remember the name.

The contact lenses show a nice level of dedication to the costume.

X-Men. And woman. X-People I suppose.

Bob from ReBoot. I was impressed at the number of ReBoot fans.


Dude behind him is checking out his ass, I think.

The hands look a little big to me.

Thundercats! Awesome!

Elektra, some dude, and Poison Ivy.

The one on the right is a different shade of green. Maybe she was sick?

Creepy. Creepy/Awesome.

William Shatner also gave a talk to a crowd of about 4000. He was made an honorary Calgarian by the Mayor of Calgary, and took some audience questions.

One such question went like this:

Girl: This question is from my Dad. What was it like being on ‘Star Trek’?

Shatner: Tell your dad that I was cleaning green paint off myself every night!

Crowd: *Applause*

He was actually a very funny guy and very entertaining.

I also found out that DC comics is rebooting all of its stories, so maybe I can start reading comic books and actually know whats going on!

All in all, a great time and lots of great people. I’ll be back again next year!

Why I Already Like The New Spider-Man Movie

February 15, 2011 3 comments

Even though its not coming out until next summer, “The Amazing Spider-Man” already looks like it will be an improvement on the Tobey Maguire incarnation of the lovable web-slinger.

Here’s part of the reason why I’m getting impressed. This photo was just released by Sony:

Photo Credit: Peter Tangen

And as pointed out on Collider, if you zoom in on the hands you can see something weird…

See those devices on his wrists? In the original comic books, Peter Parker was quite adept at chemistry and applied science (skills I appreciate). Although his radioactive spider bite gave him super human strength, agility, the ability to climb walls, as well as a “spidey-sense” that alerts him to danger, he did not have the ability to shoot web from his wrists.

Those devices were actually an invention of Peter Parker’s to enhance his spider-like abilities.

This concept was not in the first few Spiderman movies, which had Tobey Maguire actually shooting web from weird growths on his wrists.

Is it a fine point? Yes. But I like that this movie seems to be paying a bit more attention to detail. It also looks as though this reboot won’t be as campy as the previous Sam Raimi directed movies.

Nothing against Sam Raimi, but he should stick to Evil Dead and Xena: Warrior Princess type stuff.

A Star Wars Christmas Special That’s Actually Good!

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

“Obi-Wan already has a brown Snuggie!”

DeLorean From Back To The Future Out For a Drive!

November 9, 2010 1 comment

I don’t think it was Doc or Marty driving, but after the Scream Awards in L.A. someone took the DeLorean out for a bit of a spin.

Can you imagine seeing this thing out on the road? I would flip my lid!

P.S. Thanks to @jsdiaz_ for sending me this!

Kurt Russell Auditions For ‘Star Wars’

September 16, 2010 1 comment

Although he is a decent actor, Kurt Russell was not meant to be Han Solo.

I read about this on Moviefone, which recently put together a bunch of interesting screen tests. You can see Dustin Hoffman practice being Tootsie, and Tobey Maguire working out the kinks being Spiderman.

My Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies: #6 – Blade Runner

August 3, 2010 2 comments

#6 – Blade Runner (1982)


Hmm…yet another awesome sci-fi flick from the 80’s. How can a decade that spawned such crappy music have given us such a plethora of great science fiction?  

Any movie based on a book by Philip K. Dick is going to be a bit out there. And with Ridley Scott for a director, you are in for quite a ride with ‘Blade Runner’.  

You’ve also got Harrison Ford chasing rogue androids (‘replicants’), mystery, and Harrison Ford along for the ride. The sets and ambiance in the movie is really incredible as well. I’ve never seen a sci-fi movie that looks like this.  

It’s almost a film noir of sci-fi; dark, mysterious, and full of surprises. Its uniqueness and awesomeness make it a worthy addition to my top 10.  

“I need ya, Decks. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old blade runner, I need your magic.”  


Full List: 

#10 – The Terminator (1984) 

#9 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) 

#8 – The Fifth Element (1997) 

#7 – Aliens (1986) 

#6 – Blade Runner (1982) 

#5 – E.T. (1982) 

#4 – Jurassic Park (1993) 

#3 – V for Vendetta (2005) 

#2 – Star Wars Trilogy (1977 – 1983) 

#1 – Back to the Future (1985)

My Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies: #10 – The Terminator

July 30, 2010 1 comment

I’m going on vacation for about 10 days, so there is no better time to do my first top 10 list! (Protip: You can find out what I’m up to on my vacation by following me on Twitter)  

So each day for the next 10 days I will reveal one of my top 10 favourite sci-fi movies.  

Now bear in  mind that these are my favourite movies; movies that I have watched over and over again and am always amazed at how good they are.  

Sure, you can probably come up with a movie thats better crafted, with a better script or better special effects (and please tell me by commenting!). But the movies listed here are the ones I hold close to my heart and I’m happy to share them with all of you.  

So lets start at the beginning:  

#10 – The Terminator (1984)



So most people are going to say that T2 is better than the original. And I’ll agree that it has better special effects and a bit more of an optimistic ending.  

But the first Terminator is so original that it tops T2 any day of the week for me (or any of the other sequels for that matter). And Schwarzenegger is such a bad-ass in this one, as opposed to the more sappy version of the Terminator in T2.  

And that moment at the end when the Terminator has had all its skin burned off from the gas truck explosion, and it rises up out of the ashes. I can’t think of a more awesome moment in old school sci fi history.  

All this makes the original ‘Terminator’ a perfect starting point for my top 10.  

“Nice night for a walk.”  


Full List: 

#10 – The Terminator (1984) 

#9 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) 

#8 – The Fifth Element (1997) 

#7 – Aliens (1986) 

#6 – Blade Runner (1982) 

#5 – E.T. (1982) 

#4 – Jurassic Park (1993) 

#3 – V for Vendetta (2005) 

#2 – Star Wars Trilogy (1977 – 1983) 

#1 – Back to the Future (1985)

Scientists Make ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Out of Glass

July 22, 2010 Leave a comment

One of Harry Potters most useful tools was the invisibility cloak, left to him by his dear deceased parents.

While a simple cloth that can make people invisible may be a quite a ways off yet, scientists are developing invisibility technology at Penn State University.

Basically, they use a special type of glass arranged in a cylindrical pattern. The orientation of the glass produces a magnetic resonance which bends electromagnetic waves around an object. This makes the object completely invisible at certain electromagnetic wavelengths.

Right now, they can only cloak objects a couple microns across at infra-red wavelengths, and some things a couple inches across at microwave wavelengths.

So the obvious extension of this work is to cloak stuff from visible light. The principle has been demonstrated, just have to put in the work now.

I think this is worthwhile research. Once we start travelling the stars, we already know the Romulans and Klingons have cloaking devices; we damn well better have our own!