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Qur’an Burning Called Off, But Qur’an Now Bestseller at Amazon

September 9, 2010 1 comment

We’ve all heard about the whack-job Florida pastor Terry Jones, who was planning to hold a “Burn the Qur’an Day” on Sept.11.

He has now cancelled the event, though I doubt it was because his heart grew three sizes or anything like that. More likely it was the fact that he was going to be billed for the security personnel the government was going to send, and maybe fear of violence against his person or any planning to attend the event.

Thankfully the event has been cancelled, but something else amazing has happened. I heard on the news yesterday that people have been encouraging others to buy the Qur’an in response to the threat of burning it. By buying a copy, they said, you could save it from being burnt, or replace one that may get destroyed.

And do you know what? It worked! As I am writing this, the Qur’an is currently #87 on the Amazon bestseller list. Just behind “The Secret” and “Eat, Pray, Love”.

What? You don’t believe me? Check it out…

The Qur'an is currently #87 on Amazon's Bestseller List

 So I guess we could call this a victory for tolerance and freedom. But then again, the fact that this controversy started at all is quite disheartening.