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Sooo….What’s Your Sign? *wink*

Of course, I mean on the Geek Zodiac.

Geek Zodiak

Click to Enlarge (Via Geek Tyrant)

Based on the Chinese Zodiac, the Geek Zodiac goes by year of birth.

Turns out I am a Robot:

ROBOT (Optimus Prime, RoboCop, Terminator, Voltron)

+ Law abiding, dedicated, logical

– Stubborn, intractable, cold

(Why 1984? The year both the Terminator and Transformers debut)

I was hoping I would be a Wizard, but I guess you can’t argue with the stars.

  1. Chrios11
    April 13, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    I thinks the stars are wrong. I defiantly feel like robot, but my pro’s/con’s indicate time traveller, but being born in 1977, I’m really a pirate. Mabey if we add a 13th sign, things may line up better. I’m thinking Misunderstood/mad scientist.

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