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The Adventure of Links: October 18, 2010

I know, I know. I missed last weeks Adventure of Links. And the week before too…but theres some great stuff this week so check it out.


More anti-vaccine crap disguising itself as “Vaccine Safety Activism” on the Huff Po. Now they are trying to portray themselves as the underdogs to gain public support.

Acupuncture can apparently cure 461 diseases. It won’t be long before it can cure-all of them!

Anti-vaccination Network stripped of its charitable status.

Why weight loss supplements are not always “all-natural”.

First human clinical trial using stem cells begins.


The T-rex was a cannibal. They were probably easy prey, what with those tiny arms and all.

Worlds longest tunnel (57 km) being completed in Switzerland.

Khagendra Thapa Magar was crowned as the worlds smallest man, measuring up at 26.4 inches tall.

The epic 10 000 km journey of a single humpback whale is documented.


Michael J. Fox reshoots the original Back to the Future trailer.

What do you get the person who has everything? Why, an $8 million iPhone of course.

On why opening beer bottles with your teeth may not be a good idea.

A cool little demo of how the abrupt change in direction of a baseball during a curve ball is a bit of an optical illusion.

Women like to cuddle after sex. Men don’t. They needed a study to show this.

Physics and Astronomy

NASA photographs the aftermath of two asteroids colliding.

Physicists observe an electron being ejected from an atom for the first time.

The Universe could end in 3.7 billion years. Better hook up with that cute neighbour now before it’s too late.

Why does spaghetti always break in 3 or more pieces? Why do these problems give physicists such problems?

Science is self-correcting, as proven in this slide show of some scientific announcements that may have jumped the gun a bit.




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