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Scientists Make ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Out of Glass

One of Harry Potters most useful tools was the invisibility cloak, left to him by his dear deceased parents.

While a simple cloth that can make people invisible may be a quite a ways off yet, scientists are developing invisibility technology at Penn State University.

Basically, they use a special type of glass arranged in a cylindrical pattern. The orientation of the glass produces a magnetic resonance which bends electromagnetic waves around an object. This makes the object completely invisible at certain electromagnetic wavelengths.

Right now, they can only cloak objects a couple microns across at infra-red wavelengths, and some things a couple inches across at microwave wavelengths.

So the obvious extension of this work is to cloak stuff from visible light. The principle has been demonstrated, just have to put in the work now.

I think this is worthwhile research. Once we start travelling the stars, we already know the Romulans and Klingons have cloaking devices; we damn well better have our own!

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