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Digital Drugs Do Not Cure Stupidity by Steven Novella

I love the blog NeuroLogica. It’s written by a physician named Dr. Steven Novella, who is a neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine and a renowned skeptic.

He also hosts a great podcast called The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, which I highly recommend.

Dr. Novella recently wrote a blog post which so aptly captures my hatred of science reporting in the media, that I’m going to re-blog it here for all of you.

[Update: After a lesson in proper blogging etiquette, I will now have the leading paragraph of Dr. Novella’s article on my site, with a link back to the original article. I am still relatively new to blogging and am still learning the proper way to do things.  I hope no one took this oversight on my part as an attempt to steal content, and I will follow generally accepted procedure from now on.]

Dr. Novella’s posts are always well researched and extremely well written.

Digital Drugs Do Not Cure Stupidity by Steven Novella

I have never been a fan of the local news, where journalistic standards are often annoying. Often the local news is an exercise in insulting the intelligence of the viewer. But at least the local news was local. With the internet, however, local news reports are increasingly being picked up by larger national outlets and amplified manyfold. So now I get to be subjected to the worst of local news reporting from all over the country.

You can read the rest of Dr. Novella’s excellent article about “i-dosing” here.

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