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Climate Change Never Looked So Sexy…

In similar fashion to my X-Rated X-Rays post, science has started to use sex to get its point across.

A northern Canadian magazine (yes, Canada has magazines. Even NORTHERN Canada has magazines) called Up Here has just released a swimsuit issue designed to raise awareness of climate change.

The magazine features some Canadian hotties (yes those exist too…) posing in front of some endangered arctic landscapes.

I like this idea. Some people claim it is sexist, and even suggest that they should also release a calendar featuring scantily clad guys to be fair.

I don’t completely agree with this. I think you’ll get more attention with girls in swimsuits than with guys in swimsuits. And even the models say they are happy with the issue since the photos were tastefully done, and the magazine is already garnering some attention to the issue of climate change.

Some people think that science shouldn’t need stunts like this. I completely agree with that sentiment, but this is the real world. People are bored with science. But girls in bikinis? Everyone can get on board with that.

Last week I went on a big rant about vaccines and the supposed link with autism to my girlfriend. I was frustrated that good information was being passed over for statements by Jenny McCarthy. My girlfriends advice? “Science should get some better PR people.”

She has a diploma in PR, and I think she is right. Science needs to start making some front page news, and I think this is a step in the right direction

  1. August 1, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Nice :)

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